ALFA SYSTEM has been conceived to have a key role when organizing living spaces.  Elegant and very versatile, it maintains top quality and design, allowing a ready and easy air space inspection. The system’s modular elements contain and support the plant needed for correct exploitation of spaces. Modification of each single element finishes, through special colour effects and various surface processes, is also possible.  Modular elements are available in a wide range of models, shapes and dimensions in order to ensure countless possibilities in terms of styles and customizations. ALFA SYSTEM offers two structures: ALFA PARALLEL and ALFA CROSS. ALFA PARALLEL system is easy, elegant and versatile. It can become the natural basis for possible partition walls dividing the overall setting and it also includes use of HS, SF and APP PROMETAL STRIPS instead of normal panels. Its structural composition allows partition walls moving with no need to dismantle the false ceiling. ALFA CROSS false ceiling is, instead, a system with a characteristic crossways layout of the load-bearing runners, suitable for any building, easy to install with an high visual impact. Both systems are available in an OPENING version responding to frequent needs to inspect plants installed in cavities through rotating panels. Thus, solving maintenance timing and temporary storage problems.


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