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Cladding panels

Cladding panels with high sound absorption level

Prometal cladding panels offer an extremely versatile and multifaceted system for the false ceiling and all of its needs. When coupled with insulating materials, false ceilings with panels achieve a high sound absorption level, ensuring excellent environmental acoustics.

Prometal cladding panels are simple to install and give easy access to equipment installed above them, allowing rapid intervention and maintenance. Three kinds of panels are available: PSV System, with exposed structure, suitable for shopping and public areas which have durability and easy cyclic maintenance needs; PSN System, with concealed structures, ideal where a low-cost and easy-to-install panel is required; NET SOUND System, is a last generation stretch-metal panel, it combines unique technical and acoustic features to an appealing look, able to interrupt without modifying the sound waves of high, medium and low tones, making busy sites as schools, restaurants, hotels and offices silent. Combining the NET SOUND panel with soundproof materials, excellent levels of acoustic absorption can be achieved.


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