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Standard false ceilings

False ceilings come in different shapes and sizes, they are easy to install and simple to maintain, allowing for complete and easy inspection of the plenums, aimed at maintaining top level quality and composition standards.

The metal false ceilings are made from panels, strips, grids to offer a complete range of solutions and meet all possibile installation requirements, providing solutions for all particular situations.

Prometal false ceilings undergo cutting-edge processing, designed and realised to meeet the creativity demands of engineers who are always searching to achieve increased customisation and guaranteed results.

Prometal standard false ceilings come in metal strips, open cells and cladding panels, each with different and peculiar characteristics. 

Metal strips are ideal for revamping, decorating, creating partitions and screens, giving users many creative designs opportunities.  They are long-lasting and humidity and dirt resistant making them ideal for large-sized public spaces (hospitals, offices, shops, airports etc).

Open cells are very easy to install, position and move around, allowing all areas to be inspected.  They have a regular design, with no visible gaps or seams, giving them a high visual impact.

Panels are easy to install and available in different systems: PSN System, PSV system and NET SOUND each with its onw characteristics.


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