special ceilings

Special ceilings, realizations able to meet all requirements

Special ceilings are building structures and proper unique realizations able to meet all requirements where project solutions are complex and extraordinary compared to industrial production standards.

These realizations are called special ceilings because they are conceived and made to meet all designer's creativity needs and desires to find the best possible personalization and warranty of the result. Special ceilings can be made to meet aestethic requirements, to make a thermal insulating, soundproof and/or sound insultaing or fire resistant material cladding. Special ceilings can also contain one or more plants in the compartment created between the special ceilings and the ceiling itself.

Special ceilings can be true protagonists of any living space organization: they are elegant, versatile, unique and original realizations leaving space to designer's creativity which only limit will be fantasy. Special ceilings can actually translate into practice the most diverse ideas of professionals thanks to the possibility to make different shapes, effects and decorations

Special ceilings can be made, upon request, with different metals from aluminium to steel, from copper to zinc-titanium etc. and subsequently post-varnished with the whole range of RAL colours available, following the most diverse needs and desires.



special ceilings

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