column cladding

Column cladding is designed with calendered panels

Versatility of Alumetal® system, through column cladding, allows to cover any kind of surface. It is actually a light cladding made of a modular system of panels of different shapes, heights and colours hooked and a load-bearing structure that can be installed on any existing wall. This system allows to vary a building architectural aspect without any kind of structural intervention or change.

Being able to place column cladding at a distance from the wall means to obtain a ventilated wall, able to protect the building's wall structures from erosion, atmospheric factors and deterioration.

Column cladding meets the need to cover support columns usually present in any kind of building. Obtained aesthetic effect has a modern and original impact in addition to being suitable to uncountable variations.

Column cladding is designed and made with calendered panels of different shapes and ranges, with semi-columns, and with panels of dimensions and shapes which are within the physical limits of the used materials.

Column cladding can be made, upon request, with different metals from aluminium to steel, from copper to zinc-titanium etc. and subsequently post-varnished with the whole range of RAL colours available, following the most diverse needs and desires.


column cladding

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